Artinian Jewelry

Gary ArtinianThe history of Artinian Jewelry begins with the current owner and founder, Garabet (Gary) Artinian. At the age of 14 Gary began learning the goldsmith trade while residing in Romania, his home country. Throughout the years, he became a very well known jeweler in the Boston area and is considered to be the highest skilled and trustworthy goldsmith by many of his associates, customers and competitors. Many jewelry business owners in Boston and the surrounding areas were taught by the Master Jeweler, Gary, over the years. His influence on the industry in the Boston region makes him highly respected and well known.

Gary’s specialty and passion is creating his own and original designs. His skilled hands, creative thought process and know-how makes it possible for him to visualize a customer’s dream design and make it come true. Gary is known by customers for his patience, understanding and care for the individual customer’s design needs.

With over 45 years of experience in the field Gary surpasses a vast number of competative goldsmiths. Gary’s trade secrets are passed down to each employee under him; allowing the whole company to work with high standards. Artinian Jewelry reflects Gary himself, perfection in the art of manufacturing and designing jewelry.

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Ted & Elena Silverman

“My experience with Artinian Jewelry was beyond phenomenal. The final product was so far beyond our wildest dreams that I don’t see a reason to look elsewhere when purchasing jewelry in the future.”

Jeff & Vanessa Klug

“Alex was extremely friendly and professional throughout the entire process and was very helpful creating a beautiful ring within our budget. The ring came out great and my finance is constantly getting compliments on it.   I would highly recommend Artinian Jewelry and will definitely be using them in the future.”

Mike Moskos & Ting Yeh

“I have purchased several pieces from Artinian Jewelry and have never been let down. When I needed a custom design for an engagement ring they helped me through the entire process. The ring is beautiful and my fiance and I could not be any happier with the final product.”